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Hello world! ❤ Starting from today, 10 Aug 2017, there will be no more mp3 link. I know it’s international friendly and it’s a free stuff! But I’ve made up my mind and decided to not share the link anymore… Well, I was always hesitated so this is for good. I will maintain what I’ve done so far and will post the rest of the links as usual although except for itunes, it’s not so international friendly. There is no other reason apart from to encourage my precious potatoes to download or buy songs from legal sites. As I mention just now, it’s tough for global potatoes so… if I discover any tutorial on HOW to sign up and download/buy songs from korean music sites, I will post it here. 🙂

Thank you for visiting my blog!

Oh wait..! To some potatoes who requested mp3 links, I’m so sorry I cannot fulfill this anymore but… shhh.. *whispering* you can go to any free music sites out there or.. COUGHk2nblogCOUGHdotCOUGHcomCOUGH for that. shhh…


Hey everyone! It’s been awhile since I write something here.. I mean writing things personal. I made a fan made video of Kim Woo Bin and Lee Jong Suk.. Just because I love both of them and I adore their friendship (despite currently have to ‘compete’ in the same time slot). This is the first time I made a fanvid. EVER. (I think so I don’t recall any back then. Audio & concert footage not included). So….. this is my first attempt and I guess it’s not my forte cuz only 10 views???hahaahahahahaha so embarrassing 😀 But anyway!! I put some effort to cut and paste and sync and bla bla.. I’m not going to let it go wasted. So I might just blog about it for my future reference.

Another reason I made this fanvid is that I loveeeeeee ‘A Little Braver‘ by New Empire!! I heard this song for the first time when I watch Uncontrollably Fond and it stuck in my head. Such a goooodddd song!! So I go search about the band and wallaaaa they were disbanded already.. Noooooo 😦 I love their genre and their music is my taste!! Too bad they were no longer active. But a few days ago the band tweeted links for their official audio of the song in YT and quoted UF. How sweet!! They may no longer active in music industry but they are still active in social media. Since I can’t get the song out of my head, I decided to use it for the bgm.. somehow it suits the scenes.. I think. 🙂

In order to make the video looks relevant, I create a story for them.. Also my first attempt to write a short story (was it worth to call a story?) I don’t know… I never wrote a story before nor that I good in English. Totally super amature. I suggest you read the synopsis first before you watch the video! If you decide to watch, please don’t laugh if it’s not good. lol

Kang Cheol’s Guardian Angel.. *cringe*

Kang Cheol is a successful young man living his life diligently after a traumatized event in the past. He chose to forget the dark past and end up losing that memory. He is unaware that there is another world other than the place he is living, until one day.. when the two worlds crossed paths.. he started to remember the erased memory. The memory of one strange night when he had the weakest strength in his mind.. when he thought he had lost everything..

When the two worlds crossed paths… Shin Junyoung.. The young man, who knows everything about Kang Cheol without Kang Cheol’s knowing – the guy who would always be there for Kang Cheol whenever, wherever – He sensed that Kang Cheol had remembered their first and last encounter…

Kang Cheol now knows there is someone out there who is looking upon him.. but what he didn’t know is… that eventful night was not Shin Junyoung’s first encounter with him. Junyoung was there whenever he’s in trouble, since they were young.. and… Shin Junyoung was the one who make him forget that bitter memory… who ‘guarded’ him until he become successful…

– sleeplessaliana –


ehem.. *clearing throat* Hey everyone! ^^v So.. it has been about two weeks since I last post anything. I wanted to keep it updated with latest lyrics, OST and all but I just couldn’t. I had a short(?) vacay to the kimchi land for the last two weeks and I didn’t bring my laptop. I thought I can blog through my phone but I was wrong. My vacay had me cure the “sleepless” disease in me. Usually I can stay up late or it’s hard to fell asleep even when I try to sleep early. But during my vacay, I guess maybe because everyday was a tiring day, after return to the guesthouse, I fell into deep sleep as soon as I lie down. No joke. My lips even swollen cuz my phone fall onto my face multiple times. Dayyum. Since I am back now, I have feeling that the sleeplessness will be back too. hahaha

I’ll try to catch up and ensure the OSTs are well-updated. Please give me some times to backtrack. ^^

As a side note, since I receive request to blog about my trip, well I might blog about it but it’s just a plan. It’s fun to share our experience but I might also end up not doing anything.. tihihi



Oh hello everyone 😀 Hmm.. I promise myself to make an appreciation post again if my ‘potatoes’ ever reach 500k. Apparently the figure came sooner than I expected! Thank you very much to every visitors, sorry to call you potatoes but it’s cute and the fact that you are reading this, you are cute to me. hehehe 😀 I’m not going to say much, like when I did with my 1st appreciation post. That was typed with excitement, overwhelmed and thankful feeling all over my body and soul. How this blog was born, and the direction and stuff already mentioned in that post. Here, at this moment, what I feel is non other than thankful of course… There are times when I get so lazy to blog and hope no new OST or album release.. but there were also times when I am in a good mood, and wanting to post anything I could. Lazy or not, by having my posts viewed by others is such a thrilled feelings. That’s why whenever I see comments to thank me, or sharing ideas about drama etc. I feel excited and motivated. These remarks that making my blog active.. I sincerely wanna thank each one of you who read this, all visitors, followers, you guys are awesome. I’ll try my best to keep this blog alive and sharing my passion with all of you. I don’t know when will it happen, but I want to believe that the journey to a million view is possible. Hehe thank you again everyone, saranghaeyo! ❤



I can’t believe this is happening. ㅠㅠ Lemme share an essay on how this blog is as it is today. You don’t have to read it though. If you want to stop here, I thank you ahead of time for visiting my blog. You guys are amazing! *xoxo* Who wants to read, okay come nearer. 🙂

dalpoaegyo1-1I started this blog in September 2010, with “sharing korean romanization” in mind. That’s the objective all along. Well, it was just out of fun and it lasted only 2 months lmao. I abandoned this blog after a few posts and for the whole 2011. But one day in latter half of 2012, it was in September too! I suddenly decided to check this blog again. It had always been in my mind since I created it but I was too lazy and not knowing exactly what to post. My English is not good to post a journal. But then I realize, it’s time to make it alive again so I keep in mind that as long as people could understand me, all set. hahaha. Around that time, I was having a blast fangirl mode, visited Singapore for Lee Seung Gi’s FM, met T-ara in KL, seeing Seunggi again in KL and all.. I jot down every lil pieces of the memories through this blog. Sharing photos of Super Junior members when they traveled to Europe, and a few lyrics from SJ and Shinee’s album. and that’s it…. at the end of 2012, I abandoned it again. It only lasted 3 months. Poor lil thing. hurhur…

September 2013, around that time when The Inheritors and You Who Came From The Stars were everyone’s darling, I made a major changes in my tumblr and that’s how it’s all started again. I was thinking a new name for my tumblr and eventually decided to change my blog and tumblr name to sleeplessaliana, following my personal twitter and IG. Just to make it identical and it’s mine, the sleepless lady. I started regularly posting my fav drama’s OST.. consistently.. I kept my original objective of this blog flowing again. yeay!

A few changes has been made from time to time, on how I post stuff etc. It was fun! Sharing my romanization and pouring my unimportant thoughts. lol.. I tried to maintain the quality of my posts. I mean.. I care on every single details. Even my romanization, I re-check and make sure the original lyrics are correct and alter if possible.. but I might still making a mistake though. Just pretend you don’t see it. hehehe >.< (Oh! If you found a mistake that needs amendment, please left a comment so that I can fix it) I just hope people who search for things and found it in my blog, are satisfied with what they found. Some are demanding for translations, but unfortunately Choo Sarang is better in Korean than mine. So I can’t translate major stuffs like lyrics! My Korean ability is too far little to do that. I wish I can.. arghh *frustrated* 😦


But anyhow, I’m happy with this blog’s performance. I just share what I want, what I love and what I’m crazy for. Despite lacking here and there, I really appreciate when people likes my posts, commenting saying thank you and all. I feel grateful and fulfilled. Really 🙂 People are actually reading my posts! You’re all so lovely. I thank all of you for visiting my humble nest. 100,000 views might be nothing for some but it means a lot to me. Since visitors that top the 2014 statistic chart are from South Korea, 진심으로 감사드립니다! *90°인사* 🙂 hehe Thanks to every visitors. Wherever you came from! You! Who read this too. You are so lovely. Just so you know. 😀 Lemme hug you virtually. Sobs..


My next goal for this blog is… a travelogue. I always wanted to write about my travel experiences but all ended half-way and put in the draft. *smack ownself*. It would be great if I’m not that lazy to share something from my trails. I will try to make it happen someday. Wish me luck. hehehe fighting!!


awww! i just saw that my visitors aka Lovers has reached 1000 mark! ThanKYU to all Korean Lovers! ^^ well, my blog is nothing compared to anyone else. But still, it gives me pleasure knowing that someone out there is scrolling and read my poor writing. hehe.. I just post whatever i like though and whenever i feel like posting. keke :p anyway thanKYU again to all! this small number means a lot to me. a piece from Leader Teuk to all! ^^v


생일축하해요 동해 오빠 ♥

동해 오빠~ 생일축하해요~ ^^ 진심으로 보고싶어~ 오빠 꼭 건강하고 행복하고 힘내세용! ^^ 매일 매일 사랑해요~ 언제나 오빠 믿는다~ 오빠 홧팅! ^^ 생일축하해~ 😀

Happy Birthday Lee Dong-hae ♥♥♥ I will always be beside you no matter what happen.. Love you forever!♥


Lee Dong-hae

They are the important people in my life! LOVE them so much! I’m decided to sign up here was because of them. hehe….