시간아… 멈춰라

*updated as at 24 May 2015*


OST Angry Mom (앵그리맘)

OST Bad Guys (나쁜 녀석들)

OST Blood (블러드)

OST Clash Of The Families 2 (위험한 상견례 2)

OST Divorce Lawyer In Love (이혼 변호사는 연애중)

OST Doctor Stranger (닥터이방인)

OST Ex-Girlfriend Club (구여친클럽)

OST EXO Next Door (우리 옆집에 EXO가 산다)

OST Fated To Love You (운명처럼 널 사랑해)

OST Girl Who Sees Smell (냄새를 보는 소녀)

OST Healer (힐러)

OST Hwajung / Splendid Politics (화정)

OST Hyde, Jekyll, Me (하이드, 지킬, 나)

OST Kill Me Heal Me (킬미힐미)

OST Let’s Eat 2 (식샤를 합시다 2)

OST Love Forecast / Today’s Love (오늘의 연애)

OST Misaeng (미생)

OST Modern Farmer (모던파머)

OST Orange Marmalade (오렌지 마말레이드)

OST Pinocchio (피노키오)

OST Punch (펀치)

OST Secret Love (비밀)

OST Shine or Go Crazy (빛나거나 미치거나)

OST Spring Day (봄날)

OST Spy (스파이)

OST Super Daddy Yeol (슈퍼대디열)

OST The Heirs (상속자들)

OST The King’s Face (왕의 얼굴)

OST The Producers (프로듀사)

OST The Technicians (기술자들)

OST Tomorrow Cantabile (내일도 칸타빌레)

OST Twenty (스물)

OST Warm and Cozy (맨도롱 또똣)

OST What Happens to My Family (가족끼리 왜 이래)

OST Who Are You: School 2015 (후아유: 학교 2015)

OST You Are All Surrounded (너희들은 포위됐다)

OST You Who Came From The Stars (별에서 온 그대)



[Unpretty Rapstar] Cheetah feat. Ailee
♥  Like Nobody Knows (아무도 모르게) [Produced by MC Mong]

[3집 Merry Go Round] Jung Yup (정엽)
My Valentine

[8집 HIM] Kim Bum Soo ft. Geeks, Mrs. Lee (김범수 ft. 긱스, 이희선여사)
 Home Meal (집밥)

[3rd Single Album Sincerely] NS Yoonji ft. MC Mong (NS윤지 ft. MC몽)

[12집 We] SHINHWA (신화)

[Special Remake Album ‘Winter Wonderland] Sung Si Kyung ft. Kwon Jin Ah
Don’t Forget (잊지 말기로해)

♥  Lonely

Akdong Musician
♥  Time and Fallen Leaves (시간과 낙엽)

As One ft. Donghae
♥  Only You

Baek Ji Young & Song Yoo Bin (백지영 & 송유빈)
Garosugil at Dawn (새벽 가로수길)

Big Bang
MADE Series – M

Brown Eyed Soul – Single Project
♥  Naul (나얼) – You From The Same Time  (같은 시간 속의 너)
♥  Young Jun ft. Gary (영준 ft. 개리) – Think of You (니 생각뿐)
♥  Sung Hoon (성훈) – I Love You  (널 사랑해)
♥  Jung Yup (정엽) – Come With Me Girl

Coffee Boy ft. Haeun (거피소년 ft. 하은)
♥  I’ll Be On Your Side  (내가 니편이 되어줄께)

Daybreak (데이브레이크)
♥  Beautiful People (빛나는 사람)

Donghae & Eunhyuk (동해 & 은혁)
♥ Still You (아직도 난)

G-Dragon x Taeyang (지디 x 태양)
♥  Good Boy

GRAY ft. LOCO (그레이 ft. 로꼬)
  Just Do It (하기나 해)

Ha Ji Won (하지원)
Now In This Place (나 지금 이자리에)

IRON ft. Babylon (아이언)

IU (아이유)
♥  Sogyeokdong (소격동)
Heart (마음)

Jinusean (지누션) ft. Jang Hanna (장한나)
♥  Tell Me One More Time  (한번도 말해줘)

K.Will & Jeon Woo Seong (케이윌 & 전우성)
♥  Perfume (향수)

Kim Feel (김필)
♥  Marry Me

Lee Hyun of 8eight & Park Bo Ram (이현 & 박보람)
♥  Pretty Bae  (예쁜사람)

Lee Seung Cheol (이승철)
♥  No One Else (그런 사람 또 없습니다)

Luna of f(x)
Don`t Cry For Me (미소를 띄우며 나를 보낸 그 모습처럼)

Moon Myung Jin (문명진)
♥  Back To Winter   (겨울, 또다시)

Park Hyo Shin (박효신)
♥  Happy Together
♥  Shine Your Light

Park Ji Min (박지민)
Hopeless Love

Primary (프라이머리)
♥  Single Album ‘2-1’

SALTNPAPER ft. Park Shin Hye (솔튼페이퍼 ft. 박신혜)
♥  Perfect (완벽해요)

Urban Zakapa ft. Beenzino

Yoon Jong Shin Monthly Project 2015
April: Yoon Jong Shin ft. Beenzino – The Color

Zion T (자이언티)
Eat (꺼내 먹어요)

Zion. T & Crush
♥  Just (그냥)



8th Album ‘Kiss My Lips’

BTS (방탄소년단)
3rd Mini Album ‘In The Mood For Love Pt. 1’

2nd Album ‘EXODUS’

FT Island
♥  5th Album ‘I Will’

Huh Gak (허각)
♥  3rd Mini Album ‘Snow of April’ (사월의 눈)

Jang Hyun Seung of Beast
 1st Mini Album ‘MY’

K. Will
6th Mini Album ‘RE:’

Kim Sung Kyu of Infinite
2nd Mini Album ’27’

Lee Moon Se (이문세)
15th Album ‘New Direction’

M&D (미아리&단계동) – Heechul & Jungmo
♥  1st Mini Album ‘Cottage Industry’

MC Mong
♥  6th Album ‘Miss Me or Diss Me’
♥  Mini Album ‘Song For You’

Miss A
7th Mini Album ‘Colors’

Roy Kim
♥  2nd Album ‘Home

♥ 1st Album ‘The SHINee World’
♥ 4th Album ‘Odd’

Super Junior D&E (Donghae & Eunhyuk)
♥  1st Album ‘The Beat Goes On’ + Special Edition

Super Junior H
♥  Cooking? Cooking! Single

Super Junior Kyuhyun
♥  1st Mini Album ‘At Gwanghwamun’ (광화문에서)

TOY “Yoo Hee Yeol”
7th Album ‘Da Capo’

XIA Junsu
3rd Solo Album ‘Flower’


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  1. loubna

    May 8, 2017 at 08:58

    Love what you’re doing on the translation. Thank u for that. ❤ and can you please translate some of sung si kyung’s songs in the older albums. Like 성시경 – 지금의 사랑 (Feat.Ann).바램 (Wish).계절이 돌아오듯이 (The Season Returns). 그날이후 (After That Day).

  2. Cindy

    November 23, 2016 at 19:55

    Hai I m cindy can you pls upload tis noheul it was all you song lyrics in English for me pls

  3. exol

    June 9, 2016 at 03:44

    Can you do EXO EX’ACT white noise?

  4. hairi ryujin

    March 24, 2016 at 01:13

    request lyric translate nya Jung Dong Ha ‘To YouAgain’ Marriage Contract OST
    I can’t find any translate in various web
    pls help me thankyou 🙂

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