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[Yang Hee Eun Single Project #8]

난 그의 손을 만질 때
그의 날들을 꽤 오래 엿보았지
깊게 패인 손금에
모른 척해 온 외로움이 숨어있었고
이렇게 거칠었는 줄
다시금 알았네

그의 얼굴을 마주할 때
그의 어린 날들을 비춰보았지
떨어뜨린 입가에 한가득
지나간 시절을 머금고 있었고
낡고 오래된 기억을
여전히 견디고 있었네

낡고 오래된 기억을
여전히 견디우며
눈물 말리고 있었네

난 그의 주름살처럼
메마른 것을 본 적 단 한 번 없지
나를 힘겹게 안고
고요히 눈을 감기에
슬피 우는 법을 잊은 줄 알았고
이렇게 바람 부는 줄
나는 몰랐네

꽃 맺음이 다 한
굽은 등줄기는
그가 떠난 자리는
나무랄 곳 없이
텅 비어있게 했다


nan keu.ui soneul manjil ttae
keu.ui naldeureul kkwae orae yeotboatji
gipke pae.in son.geume
moreun cheokhae on woeroumi sumeo isseotgo
ireohke geochireotneun jul
dasigeum aratne

keu.ui eolgureul majuhal ttae
keu.ui eorin naldeureul bichwoboatji
tteoreotteurin ibga.e han.gadeuk
jinagan sijeoreul meogeumgo isseotgo
nalkgo oraedoen ki.eogeul
yeojeonhi gyeondigo isseotne

nalkgo oraedoen ki.eogeul
yeojeonhi gyeondi.umyeo
nunmul malligo isseotne

nan keu.ui jureumsal cheoreom
memareun geoseul bon jeok dan han beon eopji
nareul himgyeobke an.go
goyohi nuneul gamgie
seulpi uneun beobeul ijeun jul aratgo
ireohke baram buneun jul
naneun mollatne

kkot maejeumi da han
gubeun deungjulgineun
keuga tteonan jarineun
namural got eopsi
teong bi.eo.itke haetda


When I touched your hands
It seemed like you had many days
Your deeply engraved lines
Hide the loneliness that was ignored
I realized how rough it must have been

When I saw your face
It reflected your young days
Your mouth was swallowing the past times
As always, you were enduring through
The worn-out and old memories

As always, you were enduring through
The worn-out and old memories
As you dried up your tears

I’ve never seen something so dry as your wrinkles
Because you held me tight and quietly closed your eyes
I thought you forgot how to cry sadly
I didn’t know the wind blew like this

After the flowers already bloomed
The line of your backbone was curved
It looked sad but
The spot that you left behind
Was perfectly empty

[Romanized by: sleeplessaliana]
[Korean lyric by: naver music]
[Translated by: popgasa]
Please take out with full credit